My journey as a business owner started in a small hair salon named Kristi and Company back in 1995. The staff consisted of myself behind the chair as the only stylist, and my sister as our receptionist. 

Whether it was a small shop with only 2 employees, or the expanding salon we now call Lavish with over 30 employees, I have always strived to provide a 5-star experience. 

Although I retired from behind the chair several years ago, I still maintain a strong presence in the day-to-day operations of our salon. I welcome your concerns and comments so that we may continue to provide our guests with a 5-star experience, every time they leave the chair. 



General Manager

I started out with Lavish Salon in 1998, and haven't looked back since. I started my career in the Apprenticeship program, and continued my education in-house and through outside education programs. 

After 15 years with the company, I am now the General Manager and look forward to many more successful years together. I love watching our team grow year after year, and couldn't be more proud of the company we have meticulously crafted here at Lavish. 



Social Media Manager

I have been in the customer service industry for 10 years now, but my heart truly lies in social media.

From creating content for our brand on Instagram, to writing a blog and even dabbling in web design, I'm fortunate enough to have the opportunity to let my creativity run wild and express myself through several different platforms. 

My favorite quote would have to be this - "I'm no writer, I'm just a peculiar organism capable of transforming caffeine into words.”



Lead Guest Coordinator

I have had the pleasure of working in the beauty industry for the past 15 years. Starting out as a massage therapist, my passion for customer service stemmed from providing my guests with services that featured plant-based products. 

I naturally gravitated towards Lavish Salon because of their partnership with Aveda - a company that ethically and sustainably sources products, and gives back to the community. 

I am proud to be a part of the wonderful and amazing team at Lavish, while I can aspire to develop my leadership and continue to expand my knowledge of products to better serve our guests. 



Guest Coordinator | Inventory Manager

I come from an artistic family, and with my background in retail and hotel management, it makes for quite the interesting package. 

It’s a passion of mine to find new ways to express a guests’ individuality - whether it be through hair, skin, makeup, aromatherapy or wellness.

When I first found Aveda, I was naturally drawn to their mission and culture. The idea of a company that not only cares for the world we live in, but has a modern approach to Ayurvedic practices and holistic beauty, is inspiring.

The partnerships, naturally-derived ingredients, extraction methods… What can I say? I’m obsessed with staying up to date with everything Aveda has to offer. 



Guest Coordinator

I knew Lavish was the place for me the second I walked through the doors. I love interacting with our guests, and working to help them find the perfect products to best match their needs. 

It really does feel like we're just one big, talented, passionate and crazy family - and it can hardly be considered work when you get to spend every day in an environment that not only inspires you, but drives you to improve on yourself daily. 

My favorite quote would have to be... "The purpose of life, is to live a life of purpose.”



Guest Coordinator

I’ve worked in the beauty industry for 5 years now, and love to interact with others, making them feel appreciated and valued. 

I enjoy assisting our guests with my knowledge of Aveda products. I think my speciality is finding inner beauty, and helping our guests wear it out LOUD.

Makeup has been a way for me to express my creativity, and I'm passionate about sharing it with others.

If you find yourself needing assistance, whether it be booking your next hair appointment or questions about the Aveda lifestyle, I am your Guest Coordinator and I'm here to help. 



Guest Coordinator

I've been in the customer service & beauty industry for just about 5 years. I love being able to connect with others, helping our guests find the right stylist and the right products.

Makeup is a big part of my life. I just love making our guests feel beautiful - whether it be a sweep of blush, dust of powder, or colorful lip. 

I find a lot of my inspiration through social media. I love watching my favorite YouTubers re-create a look or give a first impression on a new product. 

"Maybe money can't buy happiness... but it can certainly buy more makeup!"




I consider myself a free-flowing, spiritual and eclectic artist with a passion for aromatherapy and customer service. 

As a lifestylist, I have the unique opportunity to pamper guests with a complimentary hand treatment as they await their service providers.

This allows guests to not only relax and unwind during their appointments, but to get a taste of what Aveda skin care and body care products are all about.