A Father's Day Tribute from Lavish

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Our dads mean the world to us. They have our hearts, guide us in our future, and are there to encourage us as we grow. Here are a few tributes to our fathers from our Lavish family...

Kristi Brehm:


To my Dad on Father’s Day

My dad grew up in Oklahoma on his family farm where he did his share of hard work. He went on to earn a PhD in Physics, marry my mom, and have three kids along the way. He worked at NASA for over 35 years retiring with much respect and admiration. 

Over 23 years, there has not been a Lavish Salon built or remodeled that he hasn’t been a part of. He has hung light fixtures, fixed cabinets, unclogged toilets,etc. He has always come to help whenever I’ve asked - without exception. 

During my cancer treatments my dad built me a new fence. While sick, I would look out my window and see him working away. When I see my fence, even now, I can feel his love and concern for me. 

To a man who does so much for so many, Dad, I just want to say that it is an honor to be your daughter!

- Kristi

Liz Vinson


Bob has been my stepdad for 30 years. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this man! He has enriched my life beyond measure.

Over the years, he has shown so much love, support and grace. Not only has he been the best stepdad ever, he is an exceptional grandpa to his 9 grandchildren. Everyone in my family, and pretty much anyone who knows Bob, has a deep seeded respect for him.

He is loving, compassionate, generous, funny, and most importantly, a man of God. He is truly a dynamic man!

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY BOB! What am I thinking?
(You won’t get that last part, it’s between me and Bob)

- Liz

Kaitlyn Valderrama


My dad came into my life when I was 3 years old, just a few months before my biological father passed away. At the time I believe both of my parents were in their early 20’s, just barely older than I am now. It still seems unreal that a young man, still in college, stepped up to the plate and helped raise a 3 year old with his girlfriend - a child that wasn’t his, but that didn’t matter to him. 

Fast forward 10 years.

I was hell on wheels angst as a teenager and I think it hurt my dad the most because he had chosen to love me and he knew I was so much better than the choices I had been making. But teenage angst doesn’t always care about those sorts of things. 

Fast forward 7 more years. 

He has helped mold me into the woman I am today and has given my momma 2 beautiful babies who are now blossoming into annoying teenagers, but we love them so much and they have made our family whole. I’ve never met a man who has fit the definition of father better than mine and without him I would be lost. The 3 year old girl I once was didn’t yet understand how lucky she was to have a man like him step up and fill the shoes of her biological father when he couldn’t be there to care for her himself. For everything my dad is and everything he has taught me, I am so thankful.

- Kaitlyn

Tavyn Walsh:


My father is who I have to thank for being an artist! I inherited such an artistic ability to create something out of nothing . With that being food, hair , etc.

Also, I learned to love life not from what it has to give me but what is has to show me! Just being somewhere and people watching was his favorite thing to do and now it is mine!

I love my father and even though we didn’t always get along because we both have such strong personalities we learned to appreciate our differences. Those are now what we love most about each other! My dad is such a strong soul and a loving one too! 

To end this tribute I leave you with my dads last famous words "happy trails"! Love you dad!

- Tavyn

Nicole Johnson


This is my Dad, Robert aka Bob.

This month Aveda is speaking to who they are with the "Know what your made of" slogan & I feel that ties in perfectly with my Father's Day Tribute!

My father is made of compassion, kindness, fun, a love for dogs, & baseball!

My dad has an incredible faith in Jesus & from that he has loved me no matter what, believed in me, encouraged me, challenged me, always been honest with me, cried with me, laughed with me, taught me to respect myself, to love God, my family, & every human I encounter with all my heart, soul, & mind!

The thing I respect most is he always admitted to me when he was wrong & apologized, even when I was a kid & other parents were critical saying "you shouldn't admit fault to your kids, they'll see you as weak." He still believed he should and I'm SO thankful he did! Because what is life and relationships with others without honesty?

Thank you for all your love and for all you've taught me! I love you, Dad!

- Nicole

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