Hello My Name is Nick Marshall

Hello everyone! Taylor here.

In the popular 2000 comedy, "What Women Want", the main character Nick Marshall finds himself learning a lot about the world of beauty and cosmetics. In this humorous movie, Nick shows us just how much men do not understand about women! 

I find myself relating to Nick Marshall more than I thought I would. As I am responsible for the Media and Marketing at Lavish Salon, I am having to really dive into a side of myself that I never did before. Just like I did at this movie, I find my self laughing. Not in a bad way, rather because of the changes I see and how I have been pleasantly surprised. Let me explain...


Every month I am trying something new all for the sake of learning the world of Lavish Salon and the Aveda products we sell. 

With this being my first step, I wanted to ease into it. So, I chose Aveda's Invati Advanced System. No, not the "Invati for Men." I need to know what the ladies are using.

Invati Advanced is an all-natural product that is formulated with Ayurvedic herbs, Ginseng and certified organic Turmeric. This product is used to combat thinning hair. It reduces hair loss by 53% and gives you thicker, fuller looking hair.


I have been using this product for almost a month now and... I'm sold! I'm almost 30 and have struggled with hair loss all throughout my 20's. 

My hair really does feel thicker and looks fuller. Before, when the light hit my head, I could see my scalp. Not the case anymore. My wife says my hair looks healthier!

It is important to most women to have thick, full-bodied hair. And I agree! I find my self taking more time to look at and style my hair in the morning because it looks healthier and I have pride in the way it feels. Invati Advanced is the way to go for anyone dealing with thinning hair. 

I have a lot more learning to do and I'm excited to dive in. 

Until next time, as Nick Marshall
said... "YOU GO GIRL!"


Lavish Salon