SHARP: Men's Style and Grooming

Sharp. Sharp is a quick universal term that is summoned to describe a man that has taken the time to get a hair cut, shave, shower, put on deodorant, and is wearing clothes that are not from the bottom of his closet that happen to be his favorite comic book character. Sharp is also used to describe items like shoes and accessories. Sometimes men need a little guidance in the “looking sharp” department. Here are a few tips regarding hair...


It's so easy to sit down in the salon chair and just say, “the usual.” You know what I mean. The usual is typically somewhat like: number 2 fade on the sides, trim the top, and clean up the neck and side burns… Now don’t get me wrong! The fact that you are in the salon chair is a great first step. But let’s be fresh! Original. Ask your stylist what is "IN." What trendy look is hot that would work for your hair type? Have you thought about adding color to your hair? Maybe have something subtle to hide greys or add dimension to your look?


Guys, education is necessary when it comes to your shampoo. I can’t tell you how many times I hear complaints about men’s shampoo because they are using the one that has the best marketing campaign on TV. Yeah, that dude riding the horse shirtless is funny. But the product he is holding is TERRIBLE! With that product, to feel clean, you have to use a larger quantity, the fragrance only last until you walk outside the door, and by the middle of the day, your hair feels greasy! Regardless of your hair type, it is important to use a shampoo that is gentle on your hair. Ingredients such as vitamin E are great for naturally strengthening and conditioning the hair follicles. One example of this is the Aveda-Men Pure-formance shampoo.



I’m thinking about an episode in the popular TV show when Rachel’s dad looks at Ross’s head and says, “Did you swim over here?” He is making fun of Ross because of the amount of hair product he is walking around with on his noggin. Styling should look natural and clean. Not clumpy and wet. A lot of men’s styling products that cost less than $20 leave your hair rigid and plasticky, like an angry anime cartoon. They make your hair horrible to touch and often appear thinner than it is because hair clings together in thick patches. Talk to your stylist about what healthy styling products are available. 

Hair Loss

Hair loss is the devil. This is one of the top issues that causes the most insecurity. The round island of missing hair on the top of the head. The peninsula of hair at the front that eventually becomes an island of its own. And the dreaded wrap-around hair on the sides with nothing on top… we hate it! What can be done? The honest truth is to have a balance of attack and ownership! Let me explain. Absolutely use products to give a fuller look. Such as the Aveda Invati Advanced Hair System that gives a thicker, fuller look to the hair. Use these products! But you also have to own it! Don’t do the comb-overs or push your hair forward to hide the widow’s peak. Keep your hair clean and cut. Let the natural look come through. Here are a few examples of men that own their hair.



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