Friday Favorites


We are just into February and already there is so much going on in 2018. Our expectations are high! The planner is full of goals, projects are coming in, and the hustle is for real! We need to focus, to feel tidy, to be calm and composed. And that is what we are after today. Let’s strive to have both peace of mind and motivation in the day. Here are a few tips that help us in that direction. 


1. Living without clutter. 


To have a clear head, it helps to have a de-cluttered surrounding. I always have a sense of accomplishment when my bedside table is without mess and is organized. I am ready for what I need to do next. I look forward to winding down in a clean surrounding! Isn’t it nice to read a book at night in a clutter free space so you can have clutter free focus? I can just feel the stress melting away. Click HERE for more tips on a tidy bedroom.


2. Apparel: Funky is IN! 

When I put on my favorite sunglasses, I feel a little more in control. I walk with more confidence. Instantaneously I am trendy. And the 2018 sunglasses trends are here to add excitement to your day. The funky frames are in! Don’t think flattering… think fun! Go grab a pair of sunglasses that makes you feel a little silly! Sunglass Designs Here


3. Beauty: Have Your Nails Done

We all know that there is something refreshing about getting our nails done. Both the experience and the finished product are so satisfying. Let the design of your nails compliment and motivate you in your goals. Click HERE for some fun almond nail designs.


4. Hair: Waves and Texture

Our hair needs to be on point! Flat, uninteresting hair doesn’t help in the war against the demands of life. Confidence comes from healthy, vibrant hair that has texture and life! And it doesn’t take that much time. How is this possible? With 3 Aveda products that are designed to give you healthy, amazing hair! Smooth Infusion Style Prep, Phomollient Styling foam, and AirControl Hair Spray team up to help you look your best during the day. All three of these products are available at Lavish Salon. Come pick up your hair’s new best friends! Here are some tutorial videos by Aveda for simple ways to have gorgeous hair! Aveda Videos