Fierce, Beautiful, Timeless


In the world of fast moving trends, it is easy to find ourselves looking for beauty in the most obvious places. Our approvals are placed on the billboards, the magazines, and the commercials. Similarly, we find success to be defined by the most dominant. But our ability to succeed starts with us. No one can hold us back. And the most beautiful things in the world are breath taking, shocking, leave us muttering, “I didn’t see that coming.” 


What do these things look like? Jane Krecicki. Jane is this things. She recently was featured in the Brooklyn-based fashion label, Kahle. She wore a gold satin dress, calling us to celebrate the women in our lives that are dear to us. 


Jane did not have a modeling past but her life-story is astonishing. She was Albert Einstein’s personal secretary. Her work style had her wearing broomstick skirts. She would dress up for church and parties with her hats and gloves. “She says that when out dancing in her broomstick skirt, she wanted that skirt to fly.” “There’s a touch of advocacy in Jane’s fashion sense, too. Jane’s style is tailored and she tends to wear mostly slacks and blouses. She fought for the right to wear slacks as a girl as the fashion of that time had young girls wearing dresses.” Recently modeling for Kahle, Jane has enjoyed her time in front of the camera. She said it was a “breath of fresh air.”


Jane has worked hard, she stays true to here self, and is willing to jump in and have fun modeling in the fashion world. Today, define success for your self. Let your beauty shine, be fierce, and don’t let anyone hold you back.



Article Reference: Liana Satenstein, Vogu:

Photography: Nikki Krecicki

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