Friday Favorites

The weekend is near. It's so close, we can practically taste it. And taste it we will. 

Here's our weekly round-up of all things eats, treats, buys and tries. In other words, let us drop some knowledge on all the things we're currently loving. Enjoy! 


On the Menu: Make-Ahead S’more Cups—Don't mind if I do. Nothing says Summer quite like a campfire and s'mores. Only campfires are for the birds. Check out this super easy & super delicious recipe from Paper & Stitch

Smells Like Aveda: You can all thank Aveda for the brilliance that is their 3 brand new Pure-fume Hair Mists. Good smelling hair on no-wash days? Yes, please! *adds to cart immediately*

Weekend Wear: The weekend—a beautiful place where pants and responsibilities don't exist. Slack in style with this super comfortable maxi dress from Hazel & Olive

Inspiration Headquarters: This Beachy '70s Home is what dreams are made of. So if you're looking for something to do this weekend, have endless funds and love re-decorating someone else's apartment, my door will be open. 


Happy Weekend-ing readers. 

-xo, Emily