5 Work Outfits to Beat the Summer Heat

Trying to figure out what to wear when it's ridiculously hot outside but your office is an arctic tundra.

Yeah I know the feeling. Which is exactly why I've rustled up my top 5 most heat-friendly ― if that's even a thing ― outfits to keep you looking and hopefully feeling cool all Summer long. No thanks necessary. 

source:  PopSugar

source: PopSugar

I know I've worked in a salon way too long when I actually opt for black and white attire. But you can't deny that this printed skirt and strappy heels combo is essentially a match made in heaven and not to mention a fresh new take on a timeless classic.

source:  PopSugar

source: PopSugar

Bring on the color. It is Summer after all, so why not tell your closet with this mid-length colorblock skirt and soft, button-down blouse. Maybe skip the chic cage heels if you like to feel your feet after a particularly gruesome workday. 

source:  InStyle

source: InStyle

Fashion faux pas beware! Maybe it's the minimalist in me ― or just the daredevil ― but why not skip the colors all together. An all white outfit may not always treat you right, but it will certainly help to keep you cooler when the temps start to soar.

source:  Pinterest

source: Pinterest

Not the biggest fan of skirts? Friendship over. Then maybe this power jumpsuit is a little more in your wheelhouse. With this bad boy in your closet, you'll be the trendiest gal on the fifth floor. 

source:  The Muse

source: The Muse

Before you even start with that "you think it's casual Friday over here at Hammond, Hammond & Hammond?" I'd just like to say, HELLO I don't know where you work. And for all I know maybe your boss is totally cool, up-to-date with the latest trends, and is all for letting you express yourself through your unique and individual style. Then again you can't all have my boss. Okay, now that I laid that on thick enough ― because I know my boss is reading ― I'll be wearing something like this to work on Friday. K, thanks. 

If nothing else fails, there's always a Happy Hour to look forward too. 

Happy Summer everyone! Don't forget that SPF.