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Haley S.

Designer 3 

My passion for doing hair all began with a Christmas gift from my parents - a barbie head that I could play with and style however I wanted. 

From there my passion only grew as I started doing hair for my friends and family. Whether it was for a pageant, school dance or just for fun, I loved every minute of it.

I specialize in color, haircuts, artistic styles, and keratin complex smoothing treatments. I love creating beautiful, natural-looking styles for all of my guests. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing the smile on a client's face when they look in the mirror.


Kadie L.

Designer 1

Instagram: hairby_k.d

Whether it's putting pen to paper, or a paintbrush to hair - I've always been drawn to art. Having that outlet to express myself and let my creativity flow is a must for me.

I love achieving natural color with my clients - from sun-kissed balayage highlights to grey-blending and anything in between, my inspiration comes from my clients and the visions they bring in.

Through a detailed consultation I can create a customizable look for every clients that comes to my chair with the hope that they will leave feeling confident and satisfied from start to finish. 



Designer 1

Instagram: mattdavehughes

While I've always loved art, I was never really able to express my creativity until I became a hairstylist. 

I find most of my inspiration by watching my team members. Whether it's shadowing a senior stylist or collaborating on a balayage with another colorist, I'm always open to expand my knowledge and push myself. 

My favorite technique to perform on my clients would have to be dry cutting. I feel that rather than follow a pattern, dry cutting allows me to actually sculpt the hair and customize the haircut for every client. 



Designer 1

Instagram: tavyntakesonhair

Aveda has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. With an esthetician in the family, I was instilled with a passion and love for beauty right from the start. 

I find inspiration from my co-workers, seeing the creations that come from their chairs or even brainstorming color formulas together. At Lavish you are constantly surrounded by a deep passion for the art of hair - and coming to work here was an absolute no-brainer for me.

I love doing major haircut transformations. The challenge of crafting a big change for my clients certainly keeps me on my toes, providing me the chance to constantly grow my skills as an artist. 



Designer 1

Instagram: kaitlfixhair

I knew I wanted to be a hairstylist from a very young age. I've always been drawn to all types of art, whether it's hair, fashion, or photography. 

I started my journey as a hairstylist in high school, where I was able to graduate with not only a diploma, but my degree in cosmetology.

I love doing anything from a major transformation, to a natural balayage and everything in between. I'm passionate about my work and love sharing my creations through my Instagram and Facebook. 

Rachel W.

NT Designer

I've been a hairstylist all my life. It's in my soul. It simply took a little longer for the career to manifest. Cut to a few years ago, when I decided to abandon a career in the medical field to pursue my true passion: beauty. 

The best part of being a stylist is the amazing power I have to make people look & feel beautiful inside and out. I have a particular passion for clients with hair challenges and helping them achieve their very best hair, as well as teaching them how to recreate the salon look at home in between visits. 

My goal is to highlight the beauty and embolden the confidence of each and every guest that sits in my chair. Whether its a major transformation or just a routine cut, I pride myself in knowing every person I touch will leave my chair with a renewed outlook and a big smile. 




NT Designer

Having that creative outlet where I can express my artistic abilities is so essential to me. There is no better feeling than knowing you were able to put a smile on someone's face by doing just what you love. 

Which is exactly why I decided to make a drastic career change and leave the stressful world of finance and restaurant management in the dust one Sunday evening. 

The very next morning I was enrolled in cosmetology school and I haven't looked back since. 

If I had to pick a favorite, I would say that I love doing men's cuts and grey blending the most. Then again, where's the fun in that? Bring on the bold fashion colors and the brilliant brunettes. I'm ready to tackle any color you bring to my chair. 


NT Designer

Instagram: nmjhairdesign

From an early age I was drawn to the world of hair and beauty. Participating in dance competitions, I had my fair share of styling hair and doing makeup. And I fell in love with it all!

I received my education at the Douglas J. Aveda Institute and it was there my love and understanding for all things Aveda grew into something bigger than I had ever anticipated. 

I am truly passionate about providing the most relaxing and comfortable experience possible to each and every one of my guests. 

There is something so gratifying about taking someone through a major hair transformation; shedding the plain, creating a style that's all their own, and putting a huge smile on their face in the process.