Apprentice / Protege

Great customer service is an art and we are seeking artists.

The goal at Lavish Salon is to make each of our guests feel as though they are the most important person we will see all day. If you have the ability to smile, to make great small talk and have an awareness to people's needs while multi-tasking, than you may be the perfect fit for Lavish.

How you are wired: 

  • Team Oriented - You want to be part of a team of extraordinary people. You desire to grow, to learn from those around you and to help those who can learn from you.
  • Likability - You have a positive outlook on life. You genuinely want to make a positive influence on people around you. You make people laugh or aren't afraid to laugh at yourself!
  • Coachable - You aren't afraid to take constructive criticism. You look at ongoing education as a bonus, not a burden. You strive to make your life better in every aspect and desire to learn from those around you.
  • Character - You've demonstrated integrity over the course of your life in your words, your relationships and your actions.

What you will do:

  • Attend weekly classes
  • Perform various techniques on models & mannequins
  • Assist hairdressers with shampoo's, blowdrying and other guest related activities
  • Assist in the cleanliness of the salon (i.e. sweeping, dusting, straightening etc.)
  • Assist in the laundry facilities of the salon
  • Assist in delighting our guests with beverage service and other amenities
  • Assist in Salon Events and Activities

What success looks like:

  • Your tasks are completed with excellence and pride
  • The guests you touch are treated with the utmost technical and customer service
  • Your surroundings are clean and organized

Job Requirements: 

  • The ability to work evenings and weekends
  • Currently enrolled or previously completed a licensed cosmetology program. (Student license or cosmetology license required)

If this describes you, then let's start the journey to see if Lavish Salon is the place for your career to find it's full potential.


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